The Market at Praline

Oil, Vinegar & Mustard


Duck Fat / Graisse de Canard     11.3 oz     $12.00

Duck fat is an indispensable ingredient for making rich dishes of Southwest France like cassoulet and a good source of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. Extremely versatile, it can be used as a substitute for butter or oil when making crispy fried potatoes, duck confit, and richly flavored sautéed vegetables. 


Nyons Extra Virgin Olive OIl AOC     8.45 oz     $17.00

This extra virgin olive oil is made from Tanche olives grown around the town of Nyons. Produced from the first cold pressing, this wonderfully smooth oil is easily recognized by its golden-green color and its aroma of Granny Smith apples and nuts. In 1994 olive oil from Nyons was the first to be awarded the coveted Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC), the French system for controlling the quality of regional products.

 Black Winter Truffle Oil     3.4 oz     $11.00  

A few drops of this truffle infused neutral safflower oil is all you'll need to give your dishes a luxurious taste. To best preserve the full flavor of the oil, do not heat, instead add it at the last minute to your favorite savory dishes, from pasta and eggs to grilled meats and roasted vegetables. 

"Truffles, of course, are not a vegetable; they are a miracle." -André Simon, French gastronome


Pommery Mustard from Meaux / Moutarde de Meaux Pommery      17.6 oz     $17.00

This amazingly tasty whole-grain mustard from Meaux has been gracing the tables of France since 1632. With its slightly nutty flavor, it is sure to become your favorite mustard as well. 

"If it isn't Meaux, it isn't mustard." -Brillat-Savarin

 Green Peppercorn Mustard / Moutarde au Poivre Vert     8.8 oz     $14.00

This mustard will delight peppercorn lovers with its balanced flavor of Madagascar grown green peppercorns mixed with smooth Pommery mustard. 

  Pommery Gingerbread Mustard / Moutarde au Pain d'Epices     8.8 oz     $14.00

Marrying the two specialties of Dijon, this smooth mustard blended with gingerbread (literally, "spice bread," for the "gingerbread" from Dijon contains no ginger) is a wonderful accompaniment to roasted pork and poultry dishes. 

Pommery Cranberry Mustard / Moutarde aux Canneberges     3.5 oz     $9.00 

This whole-grain mustard blended with tart cranberries is a perfect accompaniment to grilled lamb, pork, or duck dishes. 

Pommery Sherry Vinegar     16.9 oz     $13.00 

This versatile sherry vinegar can be used for all kinds of cooking, de-glazing, and sauces. Drizzle on top of a salad or a roast. 

Pommery Red Wine Vinegar      16.9 oz     $13.00

Liven up your sauces and salads with this red wine vinegar. It's beautiful stone bottle also makes a thoughtful gift.