Manoir des Abeille Chestnut Honey / Meil de Chataigne     8.8 oz     $10.00

Chestnut tree honey is dark amber in color with a deep floral and nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with cheese. 


Manoir des Abeille All Flower Honey / Meils Toutes Fleurs     8.8 oz     $8.50 

Smooth and creamy, this all-flower honey reflects the full range of France's beautiful floral landscape, from Normandy to Brittany.

Manoir des Abeille Truffle Honey / Meil de Forêt avec Truffes     8.8 oz     $10.00 

This delicious treat is acacia honey infused with earthy truffles and is a wonderful accompaniment to a cheese plate or on top of a warm pastry. 


L'Epicurien Chocolate Hazelnut Spread     7.4 oz     $9.00

This decadent spread is rich and delicious. Use it on toasted farmhouse bread or for dipping slices of apple or pretzels. 

La Maison d'Armorine Salted Butter Caramel Spread     7.7 oz     $9.95 

This all-natural salted butter caramel spread is pure temptation in a jar. Wonderful on toast, cookies, warmed and drizzled over vanilla ice cream, or simply straight from the spoon!