The Market at Praline

Beans, Grains, Crackers & Pasta


White Mogette Beans from Vendée / Mogettes de Vendée     17.6 oz     $7.50 

These small white kidney-shaped beans figure prominently in the dishes of the Vendée region of France, such as jambon-mogettes (ham and white beans). They are also delicious with lamb and sausages, salads, or simply serve them on top of a slice of bread with garlic, et voilà! Gralée de Mogette, a Vendéen favorite! 


Sapori Antichi Truffle Polenta     9 oz.     $12.50 

This decadent Italian comfort food is extremely versatile and can be served as a soup or allowed to cool and then sliced and baked or fried. Serve as a side with roasted or grilled meats and poultry.

Sapori Antichi Mushroom Risotto     8.5 oz     $9.00 

These convenient packages are a quick and easy way to make a stunning Italian risotto.  Just add white wine and/or chicken stock and cook for 20 minutes.  We recommend adding fresh vegetables, herbs, and parmesan cheese for added texture and flavor.


Biscuiterie de Provence Croquets with Goat Cheese     2.7 oz     $6.00 

Flavored with the best ingredients Provence has to offer, these crispy biscuits are fabulous with a glass of wine or with a salad. 


Sapori Antichi Multicolor Farfaline Pasta     8 oz     $9.50

This bowtie pasta is so beautiful, it is best served with a simple truffle or lemon sauce. Stunning and all-natural, these pastas are made with the finest ingredients Italy has to offer and therefore retain their texture and color when cooked.